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Product Authenticity

Food Safety:

There are potential safety hazards for every agricultural product, from fertilization to flowering, from harvesting to pesticide detection to packaging and transportation, production, processing, transportation, storage, packaging, testing, hygiene and finally to supermarkets.

How can these hazards be prevented?

AIRAG – Agricultural Management Platform records all information from the Producer, from fertilization to harvesting, every process and real-time imagery are documented and captured, with the introduction of QR code, each individual consumer would have access to all the information about the produce.

The importance of Authenticity

Marketing and advertising are crucial when building a brand. However, there’s another piece of the jigsaw that’s often overlooked: Authenticity

Being generous with information helps build relationships with your customers, loyal customers that share this information on behalf of your brand put their reputation alongside yours. Relationships are crucial in expanding networks and growing opportunity for new revenue, as well as increasing revenue generated through the perceived value of your existing products that comes from brand advocacy.